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PaperClay Products

PaperClay Products supplies cellulose fibre for making paperclay, papier-mache, and hand-made paper. Here you can find information on using our PaperClay Products cellulose fibres to make your own paperclay, papier-mache, and hand-made paper.
You can also order our PaperClay Products cellulose fibre which will be sent by courier straight to your address.

About PaperClay Products PCP20 Cellulose fibre.

PaperClay Products make extremely fine cellulose fibre by grinding recycled newsprint paper to 20,000th and 30,000th of one inch. This produces long but very thin fibres of cellulose in a fluff form that can be used straight out of the bag for making paperclay, papier-mache, hand-made paper and numerous other uses. We then compress and package the product so you can use it straight out of the bag. We sell two grades of Paperclay Product:

PCP 20 Fine (20,000th inch (.001mm))which is for normal use E.G. paperclay, paper and papiermaking.

PCP 30 Superfine this is 50% finer to give an extremely smooth finished product and can be used for very thin or fine work such as making porcelain paper clay, producing carved work or fine casting.

Both products can be used straight out of the bag, there is no soaking, tearing or pulping necessary so you can produce quick and easy paperclay, instant papier-mache or combine it with other products of your choice to make your own unique handmade paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PaperClay Products Made From?

We make our PaperClay products fibre by grinding down recycled newsprint. This is very eco friendly and means that no extra trees are cut down to produce our fibres.

What Can I Mix PaperClay Products With?

You always need to dampen the cellulose fibres before you use them but them you can mix them with any clay you like to make a paper clay version of that clay. You can also use most water based adhesives to produce papier mache and when making handmade paper then your choice of additives is limitless. We also have customers who have mixed our PaperClay Products with cement and others who have used them with resin so it is an extremely versatile material.

Is PaperClay Products Cellulose Fibre Safe?

Our PaperClay Products cellulose fibres have been thoroughly tested and have been certified as non toxic and non hazardous but we advise wearing a paper mask when mixing to avoid any irritation.

What Proportions Do I Add To Make PaperClay?

We advise that you experiment with small batches of clay and fibre as each clay requires a different proportion to achieve the desired effect but we have put some suggestions on the Paperclay Page.

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